Here are my posts, in proper chronological order (because it confuses me – and possibly you too – to have to figure out the whole reverse chronological thing….  you’re welcome!):

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Pre-Travel Posts (Sept 7 to Sept 11, 2013)

  1. Welcome to Smarter Cities Challenge Belfast
  2. 6 Steps of the Mommy Guilt Ritual
  3. 4 Things You Didn’t Know About Belfast
  4. Why Short Burst Projects Should Be a New Way of Work
  5. Shrimp Enchiladas:  When The Guilt Runs Deep
  6. Oh No!  It’s Leo the Lobster… Again!
  7. If It’s the Last Dinner, It Must Be Kale
  8. The One Reason I Go

A Brief Digression (Sept 12 to 14, 2013)

  1. Belfast by Way of… Vegas?
  2. Almost Famous in Belfast

The Belfast Challenge (Sept 15 to Oct 4, 2013)

  1. First Glimpse of Northern Ireland
  2. Day 1:  Belfast’s Complexity and Dinner with the Lord Mayor
  3. 3 Radically Cool Things About Belfast
  4. Images from an Early Morning Run
  5. Day 2 in Pictures:  Tour of City Hall, Official Project Launch and Tour of our Case Study Areas
  6. A Brief Van Morrison Aside
  7. Day 3 and 4 in Pictures:  Listen, Listen, Question and Listen Some More
  8. A C. S. Lewis Aside:  The Reading Room at Queens University
  9. Day 5: Some Writing, More Interviews & Belfast Culture Night
  10. Diversion from Shopping:  Protest in City Center
  11. Inspired in Belfast:  The Belfast Community Circus School
  12. A Wee Bit O’Countryside in Northern Ireland
  13. Bushmills Irish Whiskey Distillery
  14. One Word:  The Linguistics of Conflict
  15. Days 8-12:  This is Why it’s Called a Challenge
  16. A Tasty Diversion:  I’ll Take Vinegar with those Fish n’Chips
  17. The Black Cab Tour:  A Schooling in Resilience
  18. Days 12-17:  Here’s What the Last 5 Days Have Looked Like
  19. Day 13: A Totally Uninteresting Post about Typing
  20. The Titanic Museum
  21. Scenes from St. George’s Market
  22. Day 14:  The Chicken Wing Conference and a Break from the Marathon
  23. Day 15:  We’re Still Writing… BUT, the Game of Thrones Studio Tour!!!
  24. 3 Reasons Why Belfast Reminds Me of Memphis and 4 Reasons It Doesn’t
  25. Bread in the Morning, Bread at Night…
  26. Day 17:  It’s the Final Countdown
  27. Day 19:  The Final Presentation
  28. The Lord Mayor is a Mad Twitterer… the Final Presentation
  29. Golden Elvis Sunglasses, Goodbyes and Guinness
  30. Day 20:  I Went to Jail in Belfast

The Aftermath (Oct 5 and after)

  1. Day 21:  Homecoming
  2. Belfast City Council Press Release, Oct 9, 2013
  3. Another Van Morrison Aside
  4. 28 Reasons Belfast Rocks