Yep, I’m afraid that on Day 20 of 21 days in Belfast, I went to jail.  Directly to jail, without even passing Go.   You’d think after a long project, successful presentation and far too much time seeing the inside of meeting rooms, I’d leave with more of a whimper than a bang, wouldn’t ya?

Maybe I just went off the rails.

Maybe it was the fatigue.

The stress.

The intense pressure we were under…

[mischievous cackle here]

Ok, seriously?

Tell me you REALLY think I was in jail!  Haven’t I given you the impression I’m a responsible professional in this blog at ALL?

(omigosh, I would be total TOAST at work if I went to jail!!  My manager would freak!  What would my parents say?  My husband!  My poor kids!  C’mon, folks!  I shudder to think of it….)

Alright, here’s the real scoop…

The jail I’m speaking of is Crumlin Road Gaol, a former prison where they sent people during the Troubles, now a museum.  Our most excellent Black Cab tour guide Peter suggested it as a very depressing, but interesting, tour so when Sandy, Nick and I found ourselves with two whole FREE hours on the afternoon of our last day, we took our Mission Completed Afterglow and off we went.

Some photos for your viewing pleasure… (don’t forget, if you click on one of the photos in the gallery below, you’ll get a slideshow!)  #smartercities Challenge