1.  Just yesterday, the Belfast City Council decided to give Van Morrison an award from the city.  Our IBM meeting and dinner sandwiched that meeting.  I think the ceremony will happen after we leave.

Sink to the left and the toilet is through that door in the center that's ajar.  There are 3 stained glass windows above the door to the loo.

Sink to the left and the toilet is through that door in the center that’s ajar. There are 3 green stained glass windows above and a similar stained glass window in the door.

2.  In the Lord Mayor’s suite in City Hall, there is a bathroom just off the formal dining room that is an exact replica of bathrooms on the upper class cabins of the Titanic (Nope, didn’t use it.  I know you were wondering).

3.  Get ready, this is The Big One…. drum roll, please….  That most excellent show Game of Thrones is filmed in Belfast.

Oh, yes it is. 

I know!  How cool is that?

I am totally going to see the place they shoot, which is apparently very close to my hotel, in the Titanic Quarter and maybe a couple other places.  I will find it.  Stand by for photos, friends.

I found that one out on the plane sitting in Newark, from two nice gentlemen who sat in my row and live in small towns outside of the city.   One of them knows someone who one time waited on the actor who plays Joffrey Baratheon in a local restaurant.  He’s apparently nice in real life.  Talk about being an incredible actor….   #smartercities challenge